Est. April 2016

Not even dead since March 2017

About Us

Welcome to Fiamma's website!

We are a group of teen-somethings based out of West Virginia.
Fiamma was created by B. Vermillion, Bob Ruth, and Ace in April of 2016.
(more information about the creation of Fiamma at Boring History).

Currently, Fiamma's administration consists of:
[Fiamma Primo/God Tea] B. Vermillion
[Minister Right] Bob Ruth
[Minister Left] Guy Medium
[Tea Master] Godfrosty
[Marshal] Judge "Pie Crust Yum Yum" Judy
[Security Detail] Benré

Our aim is, as family, to find out what we're good at in life and not suck at it.
So far, we have been rather successful.