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Not even dead since March 2017

Boring History

The year is 2014. The month is August. Somewhere, tucked in the mountains of West Virginia, B.V., Bob Ruth, and Ace begin their 7th grade school year. Three months earlier, it was announced that only two people from 6th grade would be moving on to honors classes: Bob Ruth and Ace. Ace had moved from Virginia to West Virginia earlier in November 2013. Although Ace had already become acquainted with Bob Ruth, he only had one class with him, and was much more acquainted with B.V. and Godfrosty.

Four to six years prior: Bob Ruth and B.V. both have elementary classes together. Although Bob Ruth was not fully aware of B.V.'s existence, B.V. kept a watchful eye on everybody, including Bob Ruth.

From October 2014 to June 2015, the Big 6 were involved in multiple "Organizations," each arguably more pointless than the last. Examples of Organizations include Screaming Tacos, Tsukuyomi Corporation, Inside Joke Corporation, Underground Psychology and Philosophy, S.H.O.C., F.C.R.I., Eden, and others. Organizations are split up into multiple "generations", including the (fictitious) Forgotten Generation (1946 - 2002), the Modern Generation/Gen. II (2014 - 2015), the Dark Generation/Gen. III (2015 - 2016), the Famiglia Generation (2016 - 2019), and the Pavilion Generation (2019 - Present).

August 17, 2014. The first day of 7th grade. The beginning of second period. B.V. approaches and manages conversation with the exceptionally awkward Bob Ruth. The next day, August 18. B.V. walks up to Bob Ruth once again and starts talking to him. He asks Bob Ruth to join a group that would pioneer all to come: Six Bloody Wings. The group initially featured B.V. (The Shikigami), Bob Ruth (The Strategizer), Godfrosty, and Judge Judy. So began their history as friends.

With B.V., Bob Ruth, and Ace becoming classmates in the new school year, a close friendship began to develop. The trio always sat in the same groups during class, spending their time together talking about seemingly mindless things. After the demise of Six Bloody Wings, they formed the organization known as "Screaming Tacos Psychic Research Facility," dedicated to researching the paranormal. The Screaming Tacos were one of the only Organizations from Generation II to actually make it to the end of 7th grade (June 2015). The Sceaming Tacos are considered by the Big 6 to be a part of Tsukuyomi, although it predates Tsukuyomi by about a month. The Screaming Tacos, unfortunate as it is, were never revived for Generation III.

Around early October 2014, B.V. expressed his interest (his "dream," rather) to run a candy store when he got old enough. Instead of waiting, however, B.V. and his friends started to toy with the idea that the store could be run out of their first period class. More ideas were thrown around, and eventually plans were made for a grand opening: Monday, October 20, 2014. During the week leading up to the grand opening, coupons were made and stock of the Japanese snack item "Pocky" was gathered. Final preparations were being made to open the store, including a store logo made in Microsoft Paint, advertisements spread through word of mouth, and more tiny details to make sure the opening wouldn't flop.

Modern Generation / Generation II

September 2014 to June 11, 2015

Let's back it up to about a month before. Around this time, B.V., Bob Ruth, Ace, Guy Medium, and Judge Judy all had gym class together. Although Judge Judy was already good friends with B.V. and Ace, he had never been introduced to Bob Ruth. One day in September, Judge Judy came over to Bob Ruth and struck up conversation with him. Although wary at first, Bob Ruth soon bonded with Judge Judy over their mutual love of the Internet and video games. From that point forward, B.V., Bob Ruth, Ace, Judge Judy, Godfrosty, and Guy Medium would all become very good friends and sat at the same lunch table. Henceforth, the Tsukuyomi administration was complete. On opening day, Tsukuyomi Candy Store (月読キャンヂィー店) did pretty well—about as well as 12 year old businessmen can do. B.V. and Ace took over sales and advertising, while Bob Ruth became head of management and operations. The cycle of selling nothing but Pocky continued well into November, and was actually a nice little success for the store. Around this time, Judge Judy joined in running the business (there were about ten employees total). Judge Judy also designed the original store logo (pictured right). His original name was Pie Crust Yum Yum, but his ability to determine and keep law & order at store meetings quickly earned him the nickname "Judge Judy." Around the middle of November, the store started to get more serious about its product. On November 22, 2014, Bob Ruth ordered their first and final stock of various items including Meiji and Glico products. The new shipment was announced days leading up to its arrival, and a delay required more signs to be put up. On December 1st, the products finally arrived.

By the end of December 2nd, the store had nearly sold out of every item. Money was lost due to the fact that people refused to buy "overpriced" goods, and items ended up being sold for less than a profitable amount. This greatly contributed to the downfall of Tsukuyomi Candy Store, along with the fact that most company employees were unambitious. On the morning of December 3rd, Bob Ruth called a meeting to discuss the loss. Nobody bought the remaining supply, and the store employees all got to have some of it. Bob Ruth note: I reccomend Pizza Pretz, best snack I've ever had. Although Tsukuyomi Candy Store did not shut down completely on December 3rd—it actually just faded away—it was the last day of normal operations for the store. It never made another dime, thus ending the "golden era" of Tsukuyomi.

Although Tsukuyomi Candy Store failed to see another day after December 3, 2014, its demise did not mean that the Tsukuyomi name died with it. Tsukuyomi Corporation was formed immediately after the demise of T.C.S., and several organizations, including Screaming Tacos, UPandP, I.J.C., and S.H.O.C., continued to operate under Tsukuyomi Corporation administration. None of the Organizations actually ceased to exist by mid-2015, and just kind of faded away like Tsukuyomi Candy Store did. None of the Organizations from Generation II were revived in Generation III, although Tsukuyomi Candy Store came close to being revived once.

Dark Generation / Generation III

August 2015 to April 14, 2016

The CBoC
The CBoC was a group chat created by Bob Ruth on December 31, 2015. The three most prominent members of The CBoC were Bob Ruth, Ace, and Guy Medium. It was used as a meeting place for the Big 6 and many notable developments in Big 6 history happened within the confines of this very chat. January 2016, the first month of The CBoC's existence, was pretty much one of the only good things about Generation III at all. The CBoC existed from 2015 to 2020, although most agree that it truly only lived a few months. On May 12, 2020, the CBoC was finally put to rest by Bob Ruth. It is forever memorialized at cboc.xyz. Rest in peace.

By the beginning of Generation III, the Big 6 were anxious to see each other again since it had been two months since they had last seen each other. Although they were glad to be back together, nothing exceptional happened the first four weeks of Generation III, save for mere talk of reviving the store that was never actually thought out. On September 17th, the Tsukuyomi Candy Store Death Bill, which forbade the store from opening for one year, was signed into effect by Bob Ruth, Ace, Judge Judy, and B.V. A month later, the Tsukuyomi Corporation Death Bill was signed into effect, preventing the store from ever opening again. Of course, this bill was broken several times by the still-in-denial Big 6, and was later revoked on February 13, 2016. Although Tsukuyomi Corporation was revived as Tsukuyomi Family on this day, it did absolutely nothing, leading to several weeks of false hope and coping. It was later agreed that revoking the Death Bill was a huge mistake. Tsukuyomi Corporation Generation III only featured a potential revival of the store. Despite this, the Tsukuyomi Archive, a major project composed of archived files from Generation II, was completed and digitized by Bob Ruth and Ace. A partial copy of the Tsukuyomi Archive will soon be available for download on the Fiamma site.

The next few months were filled with uncertainty among the Big 6. Not since Tsukuyomi had there been any particular goal to work together towards; nor had there been any specific Organization to work under. Members of The CBoC began to experience burnout resulting from group calls every day well into April, unsuccessfully attempting to recapture the glory days of early January. During these dark times, a common sentiment was that there was no certain future for the Big 6. Nothing exceptional like T.C.S. or Screaming Tacos happened. The spirit of Tsukuyomi Corporation was effectively dead.

Famiglia Generation

April 14, 2016 to April 2019

The Friki Index
The Friki Index was originally created by Bob Ruth in 2016 as a way to host "Friki Tiki," a generic educational Spanish flash game (in fact, most of The Friki Index was actually made during Bob Ruth's and B.V.'s Spanish class) that happened to be the subject of an inside joke between him and B.V. Though this was unsuccessful, Bob Ruth continued to use the name to develop a sort of convoluted inside joke. Though The Friki Index was initially a subset of the original Fiamma site, it became independent on October 1, 2017. On December 27, 2019, thefrikiindex.com was purchased by Bob Ruth. Nowadays, it is part of the larger Fiamma Network that encompasses it, Fiamma, and the God Tea Pavilion.

On the morning of April 14, 2016, the Big 6 gathered around in the school gymnasium to discuss a serious issue regarding Judge Judy's well-being. While the plan, dubbed "Operation Waning Flame," was executed on a whim, it was very successful and inspired euphoric feelings in all of the Big 6. The operation pulled together and united everyone in a way that had not been felt since Tsukuyomi Corporation. When school let out that day, B.V. called Bob Ruth and Ace to discuss the success of Operation Waning Flame. In this call, Famiglia di Fiamma was born.

In concept, Fiamma was entirely different from Tsukuyomi Corporation, yet retained a familiar brotherly charm. While Tsukuyomi Corporation and its Organizations were much more focused on productive activities, Fiamma was much more focused on "soaking in" that brotherly bond.

Over the summer of 2016, B.V. and Bob Ruth worked closely together to create the first iteration of the Famiglia di Fiamma site. On June 23, 2016, the site went live for the first time. Although it was extremely clunky and bloated with advertisements (Bob Ruth note: It was hosted on Wix, no doubt), it still holds a special place in most of the Big 6's hearts. It was one of the first times they could freely express themselves and put themselves out there.

Unfortunately, Famiglia di Fiamma struggled to get off the ground in its early stages. Early Fiamma was plagued by uniform unambitiousness, the general feeling that it was a Tsukuyomi Corporation clone, and drama between members during early 2017. As the months progressed, Fiamma's legitimacy as an organization dwindled. In late October 2016, mere days after the two year anniversary of T.C.S.'s opening, Ace moved from West Virginia to Kentucky, effectively transforming the Big 6 into the Big 5. During sophmore year—late 2017 to the middle of 2018—Fiamma was barely talked about. On Valentine's Day 2018, Bob Ruth resigned as Fiamma Primmo to pursue "greater pastures." Although he later rejoined weeks later, he refused the title of Primmo. It seemed Fiamma was going out the way Tsukuyomi Corporation went: not with a bang, but with a whimper. In other words, Fiamma desperately needed something to save it.

Pavilion Generation

April 2019 to Present

Early 2019 was not a particularly good time for Fiamma. While the Big 5 were primarily focused on getting good work done for school, talk of Fiamma had virtually dried up. The Big 5 had not talked to Ace since 2017. The Fiamma site had not been updated in half a year. The CBoC had exhausted its potential by extending its death date by over two years. Most of the Big 5 had not shared classes together in over a year.

In April of 2019, B.V. transcended the title of B.V. and instead became God Tea. With his newfound astral knowledge of tea and godly wisdom, God Tea opened the God Tea Pavilion, an aetheric antithesis to Fiamma. While Fiamma was moreso focused on an intense connection between brothers, the original Pavilion was a calm and relaxed space in which members could indulge in forbidden knowledge and share sips of tea. Unfortunately, the original Pavilion was short-lived, as the changing of seasons from spring to summer to fall meant that, after five years, B.V. would be moving to a different county. By the start of senior year, the Big 6 had never been so divided. One was living in a different state. One was living in a different county. Godfrosty, Judge Judy, and Guy Medium were separated from Bob Ruth due to different schedules, meaning the only time spent as a group was during lunch. Like the early days of Fiamma and the eventual fate of The CBoC, the Pavilion seemed slated to degrade to the point of disintegration.


Famiglia di Fiamma still operates today. In fact, April and May 2020 have become two of the most productive months in the Big 6's history. As for the Pavilion, its existence as a solid foundation remains ambiguous. After hearing an astral teaman speak to him the now-famous proverb "Listen close and do unto me / Cast out the others who blaspheme the tea," God Tea revamped the stagnating Pavilion and revived it in March 2020. Planning of PavilionCon 2020 and the reworking of the Fiamma site are currently ongoing, as are talks of greater expansion and ambition. The Fiamma Network today encompasses Famiglia di Fiamma, God Tea Pavilion, The Friki Index, the Tsukuyomi Archive, and the Judge Judy Archive. To say that the Big 6's history has been rocky would be an understatement. Friends have come and gone. People have lost contact with others. Interest in the bigger picture has mostly all but faded. But still, I figure that our history has been particularly influential on us if not interesting to others.

If you're reading this and wondering to yourself why the fuck any of this matters, I will offer the tried-and-true response: "You had to be there." You simply had to know these guys like I did. What you are reading is a history that has summarized and simplified a friendship that has existed for close to seven years. I'm not writing this for anyone else but the Big 6. Additionally, most of what you are reading is not an objective history. This history has been filtered through my own thoughts and interpretations, meaning that not every one of the Big 6 will agree that this is the "definitive" version of the history. Of course, I have also left out huge amounts of details due to me either simply not remembering or them being too fucking embarrassing to put. A lot of this history lives on through the Tsukuyomi Archive and not my mind.

I don't know what's going to happen to Fiamma, the Pavilion, or The Friki Index in the future. By the time I wrote the first draft of this history in 2016, Fiamma was barely two months old, The Friki Index was but a nut yet to be busted in my brain, and the Pavilion was a far-away, astral dream of God Tea. There was so much more history to be made afterwards.

Respectfully yours,
Editor, webmaster,
former Primmo, and Fiamma Superfan,
Bob Albert Ruth.


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File #46 - Original Tsukuyomi logo
Drawn by Bob Ruth

File #50 - Screaming Tacos Case No. 1
Written by Bob Ruth

File #57 - Six Bloody Wings
Written by B.V. and Bob Ruth

File #15 - Constitution of Eden pg. 1
Written by Ace

File #16 - Constitution of Eden pg. 2
Written by Ace

Revoking of Tsukuyomi Death Bill
Written by Bob Ruth

File #23 - Original drawing of T.C.S. logo
Drawn by Judge Judy

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Business Yost, Mrs. S., and all of our friends not mentioned in this history. You know who you are.

Very special thanks to the people who helped us out financially.

Dedicated to Clama. Someday we will meet again brother.


"Tsukuyomi Candy Store is closed. Possibly forever (or a long time). Goodbye --- branch!!"
Dated December 4, 2014.