PavilionCon 2020

NOTE: Day #1 is now available on Bandcamp!

NOTE: All dates have been rescheduled. Day 1 is now scheduled to happen on the 23rd.

NOTE #2: All dates have been fucking rescheduled again. Day 1 is now scheduled to happen on the 26th. No exceptions.

NOTE #3: The previous two notes are invalid.

DAY 1 — May 18, 2020

Bob Albert Ruth ~ Day 1 Broadcast

Intro w/ Le Cold Man
National Pledge of Allegiance w/ Guy Medium
Advertising Block No. 1 (Dominos App. Featuring God Tea Pavilion / Weird McDonalds Commercial)
Select History of the Pavilion w/ Bob Albert Ruth
CBoC Memorial / Interview with Clama
Advertising Block No. 2 (The Tempest 2 Trailer / I Love The Friki Index)
New Members Recognition
Super Duper Ultra Birthday Celebration of Bob Albert Ruth
Tea Drinking Session w/ The Old Man
Advertising Block No. 3 (Take Me Home'nt: A Kasual Spaztik Collection)
Ultra Pavilion Trivia Game Show w/ Le Cold Man
Farewell w/ Le Cold Man

DAY 2 — July 14, 2020

Guy Medium ~ The Pavilioncast

DAY 3 — August 15, 2020

God Tea ~ Reminisce-a-thon

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